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Blue Before RMF

In August 2018 Blue had high blood pressure, low albumin, above normal SDMA, and proteinuria. After a bunch of tests to rule other things out, he saw a nephrologist and was diagnosed with glomular disease or early stage kidney disease. Both his regular vet and the nephrologist wanted to place him on an ace inhibitor to control the progression of the disease. The nephrologist told me his condition was chronic and would require medical intervention or else it was only progress – he said it would not get better on its own. That was in Nov 2018. That previous spring he also had a mast cell cancer tumor and another cancerous lump removed right before I adopted him (he’s a rescue). In January of 2019, he started on RMF. At first we were on a 2:1 ratio. Then, we moved to a 6:1 ratio for about two months.

Blue After RMF

It is July 2019, I’m doing a 3:1 ratio with a fast day after meat day. We just did another blood and urine test to see how he is doing. His blood results are all now within normal range and his UPC ratio is downtrending towards normal. It has gone from 2.4 in October to .7 today!

We still want it to go lower but we are moving in the right direction! The SDMA test is not reliable as a sole indicator so we will just keep our eye on that as well but the fluctuation there doesn’t mean much. I will post his lab results in the comments. You’ll notice there are two previous test results for comparison in the right margin. Just wanted to thank Nora from the bottom of my heart for her insight and wisdom and also wanted to share our journey to give hope to others whose dogs are suffering with kidney issues. Also, for those dealing with mast cell cancer, I will say that this has made a HUGE difference in his skin and we no longer see hives like we did when he was BARF fed and rarely does he have a bump appear under the skin – if it does, it disappears within a day or two. He’s still detoxing – mostly through his eyes. They seem to run like faucets and it is cyclical. We’re just going to keep doing what we’re doing and Blue is going to live his best life!

January 2020 – Albumin is a specific protein found in the blood. Albumin can leak from the blood into the urine (proteinuria) when the kidneys are not working at their best. This can cause the blood levels of albumin to decrease. Protienuria and low albumin levels in the blood were two of many symptoms that led to Blue’s diagnosis of early stage kidney disease in the fall of 2018. Blue had blood work yesterday and his blood albumin level is now in the middle of “normal” range. It went from being “below normal” range before starting this protocol, to “very low normal” 6 months after starting this protocol, to right in the center of normal after one year on this diet! I don’t put much stock into what the medical community considers “normal.” However, I wanted to share this bit of information to give others hope whose dogs are struggling with kidney issues. I specifically asked the nephrologist when he was diagnosed, if albumin levels could improve naturally and was told it was unlikely without medication. Just goes to show how a change in diet can change something that is considered “un-changable”.

April 2022 – Finally did a follow-up urine test. No more proteinuria! RMF healed my dog’s kidneys and I am so grateful to Nora and the help I received in the RMF Community.

Kelley Weld