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Healing Grade 3 Luxating Patella

Before RMF

Tink joined our family in 2017 at age 7. Right from the very start she has been an absolute gem of a dog, but she did come with health issues. She was overweight, had gunky eyes with dark discharge, a dull, dry coat and chronic anal gland issues. When we’d go for walks, her back legs would ‘skip’ every few paces, to which we were told was grade 3 luxating patella that would require surgery.

I put her onto a raw BARF diet and joint supplements in the hope that would help her issues. It did help a bit, her eyes were a bit less gunky, she lost some weight and the skip in her walk reduced, but her anal glands were still causing issues. Every 4 weeks she’d be scooting madly and biting at her rear end. I tried all the usual recommendations – pumpkin, psyllium husk, more raw bone etc, but nothing helped. She still needed monthly visits to the groomer to express them, which she absolutely hated, but was miserable without.

After RMF

I started Tink and my other dog on RMF and they both took to it fine. There was some detox, mostly a bit of itching, blackening skin and even dribblier eyes for a time, but within months we noticed big improvements. Her anal glands stopped being a bother, her eyes were bright and clear and she didn’t walk with a skip at all anymore! Her coat was so soft and shiny and she shed very little.

Tink is now 11 and has been RMF fed for years. People are always so surprised when I tell them her age – they assume she’s a puppy as she’s so sprightly. I can’t even remember the last time she needed her glands done (it’s been years!) and the luxating patella ‘skip’ is gone (no surgery). She’s a lean, happy little dog who loves to cuddle, go for walks and boss around her ridgeback sister. I am very grateful to have discovered this way of feeding and know it has changed the lives of both of my dogs for the better.

Gemma Lee