The RMF Diet

Feeding properly doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, it’s much simpler than what you’ve been told.

A proper diet is the first step to preventing disease and even reversing it once it has already occurred. And it requires that you purchase NOTHING other than real whole foods. Join thousands of other pet owners and discover what they already know – that the body can HEAL when the proper conditions are put in place!

The Rotational MonoFeeding diet (RMF) is inexpensive, simple, fun, science-based and gets results. See for yourself!

rmf diet

RMF in a Nutshell

RMF diet is based mostly on the wild model and partly on what has been observed to work in domestic dogs. It essentially involves the feeding of raw meat and bones on some days and plant-based meals (some cooked, some raw) on other days. The dog owner determines how many days of each, based on the dog’s age and other factors.

The high animal fat content of commercial dog foods and even some home prepped diets is the most common cause of the health problems that dogs experience. Therefore, changing to a diet that does not include so much fat will constitute removal of cause. Dog owners can feed meat every other day, every 7th day, or anything in between. It all depends on their circumstances and priorities. Sometimes the rotation will incorporate fasting days. Fasting days offer a digestive respite for the body. Therefore, sometimes we employ extended fasting, which allows the body to regenerate and focus its energy and resources on healing.

The aim is to avoid burdening a dog’s body with foods it cannot cleanly digest. These foods cause waste to accumulate in the system. Since this accumulation of waste causes disease, addressing the diet is the #1 way to prevent disease, and even reverse it once it has already occurred.

Feeding methods behind RMF diet

The Rotational MonoFeeding ebook by nutrition expert Nora Lenz outlines the feeding methods behind RMF. Nora has over 20 years of experience healing cats and dogs using RMF. Many years of observational study went into the methods RMF uses. These methods are evidence-based and backed by the most recent field studies and research done on wolves. The diet is based mostly on the wild model and partly on what has been observed to work in domestic dogs. RMF is not vegan, PMR (prey model raw) or BARF (bones & raw food). RMF takes the best of those methods and leaves out the mistakes.

Natural Hygiene is the underlying science and philosophy of RMF. Natural Hygiene is at odds with medicine (including “alternative medicine”) because it respects the body’s ability to HEAL ITSELF. Most people don’t know this, but when sickness occurs, it is not necessary to ADD things to the body. In fact, it is necessary to TAKE things away. And by that, we mean CAUSES and EXCESSES. Believe it or not, even “deficiencies”, when they truly exist, are a consequence of EXCESS.

When conditions are conducive to healing, the body HEALS ITSELF.

If your intention is to cooperate with nature and understand WHY disease happens, RMF is for you. On the other hand, if your intention is to use “natural” remedies to stop or treat symptoms, RMF is absolutely NOT for you. The same also applies to the use of supplements and pharmaceuticals. They are harmful and RMF doesn’t recommend them.