The RMF Story

Nora has over 20 years of experience healing cats and dogs using Natural Hygiene – a science and philosophy of living that is centuries old, relatively unknown, and highly misunderstood. Applying these principles of health to our companion animals has developed into what is now called Rotational MonoFeeding or RMF.

RMF is a result of Nora’s many years of observational studies, which are evidence-based and backed by the most recent field studies and research done on wolves. The diet is based mostly on the wild model and partly on what has been observed to work in domestic dogs. Read Nora’s story below…

the rmf story

Nora and Muffin

RMF Story

That’s me with 10-week-old “Muffin”, my first dog ever as an adult, appropriately named (as it turned out) after a dog food commercial. Forgive the bad quality of the photo, but it was taken long before digitized photography was invented. Muffin’s life was a very painful lesson in how utterly failure-prone the veterinary profession is, and how helpless we are when we put ourselves in their hands. Muffin had chronic ear and skin issues from about mid-life on and from that point never stopped biting, chewing and scratching to try and ease the terrible constant itching. The worst of it would go away after treatment and then cycle back about every 6 months. We didn’t stick with one vet but tried many, including one who diagnosed her with cancer at age 11. Thank goodness nobody suggested chemo or anything like that. At that time I was just starting to learn about health and probably would have gone along with it.

With no treatment and only small superficial changes to her diet, she recovered from the cancer, which must have been mild to begin with. But she also had conjunctive heart failure and of course the skin and ear issues never went away. She died at age 16, after a very long period of pre-death hills, valleys and overall near-infirmity.

Muffin had been with me when I started learning about human nutrition and applying it to my own dietary choices. I didn’t have clue one how to apply what I was learning to her. As a result, I did what I think lots of people still do. I upgraded to a more expensive commercial food. I also added in various other foods that I thought were healthy for dogs, in addition to supplements and powders.

After Muffin passed, I intended to be dog-less for a while. Happenstance intervened and I found myself with a re-homing fail named “Coco”. With Coco as my guinea pig, I slowly set about discovering what did and didn’t work. I applied a mixture of what I knew about human health (much of which is applicable to all species) combined with what I was learning about the natural diet of wolves. Once I had something that seemed foolproof, I started sharing this information with every dog owner I knew, via my website.

As a result of my discoveries, Coco enjoyed a much longer, healthier life than Muffin had. And the same thing happened with everyone else who adopted my feeding recommendations. This was my first lesson in how much power I’d had all along but had abdicated to the sick dog industry. Too many dog and cat owners are still giving up their power to this industry. This industry that cannot possibly be devoting itself to the eradication of pet disease. If they were, there would be no possible explanation for why they haven’t done it yet. It’s just not that hard to figure out how to properly feed a dog or a cat. And when dogs and cats are fed properly, they simply don’t get sick. Ever.

If that sounds crazy to you, I hope you’ll stick around and see what RMF is all about. It’s absolutely not crazy or impossible to think that a dog or cat can go an entire lifetime without ever needing a vet. Health is the PREDICTABLE CONSEQUENCE of healthful living, mostly healthful EATING, and nothing more. Health does not come in a pill or tincture. We build it from the inside out, with the right materials.