The Truth About “Parvo”

Naturally inclined dog owners might expect that “holistic” medicine would be able to lead them to the truth about “Parvo”. What we need to know is: how best to prevent it, what really causes it and whether or not we should vaccinate for it.  I’m very sorry to report that this is most assuredly not the case.

For example, here is “holistic” veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker’s whole-hearted endorsement of the Parvo vaccine:

“The best treatment for parvo is prevention, which can be accomplished for the vast majority of dogs through well-timed puppy shots, followed by titering to insure successful immunization”.

So this self-proclaimed holistic vet fully recommends “puppy shots”. Also, notice the use of the words “vast majority”.  First of all, amazingly, the “vast majority” of dogs manage to withstand the dietary abuse that is visited on them during weaning without contracting “Parvo” long before any vaccination would take place.  So it stands to reason that the “vast majority” of dogs are going to be “Parvo”-free with or without vaccination.  But Dr. Becker uses these words here to provide the wiggle room that she and other vaccination advocates need in order to account for the thousands of VACCINATED dogs that die each year from “Parvo”.

A problem with vaccines in general

Just a couple of comments about the vaccine before we get into the mechanics of “Parvo”. One problem with it, among the many, is that nobody keeps track of how many vaccinated vs. unvaccinated dogs die of “Parvo”.  Which begs the eternal question — why isn’t anybody keeping track of how well vaccines work, or if they work at all?  Here’s why:  It would be expensive to do that, it would only harm the vaccine industry, AND they’re the only ones who can afford to do it.  If the only parties with the means have no motivation and motivated parties have no means, all that is left is ADVERTISING, and that includes the above quote. THAT is why vaccination continues. 

No matter where you hear pro-vaccine nonsense from, you may consider it advertising because it’s coming from either someone who’s making money from vaccines or someone who got their information from someone who’s making money from vaccines.  Like almost everything else in the sick dog industry, it’s all about the money.

Calling the bluff

Parvo, so-called, is the biggest money-making pet-related boogie man ever devised by the ever-devious pharmaceutical industry.  Even holistic vets are on board with this trick on the dog-owning populace. All while speaking disparagingly about “big pharma” in other contexts in order to pander to their naturally-inclined fan bases.  The truth is, anyone who calls him or herself “holistic” but does not understand that “Parvo” is just a collection of constructive symptoms that are easily prevented WITHOUT vaccines is a fraud.  So-called holistic vets use this scary, self-serving, made-up word to sell products and services as much as their allopathic counterparts do.

It’s time we looked the boogie man in the eyeball.

Are Vaccines the Solution to Parvo?

The reason why “Parvo” gets talked about so much by vets and their loyal minions is that it has been a wildly successful device for selling vaccines.  If you are sitting the fence about vaccines or are stymied about whom to ‘believe’, take heart.  There is a way to withdraw from the big vaccine debate once and for all, and know with all certainty that you are correct.  That is by understanding how and why disease happens! “Parvo” provides us with the perfect teaching moment.  It’s all actually so simple that a child could understand it.

Here it is, in a nutshell:  Stuff piles up.  STUFF PILES UP.  The kinds of symptoms associated with “Parvo” are eliminative.  When the body employs them, it means it is overloaded with waste that it must use its emergency devices to eliminate.

Waste is the problem

Please ponder these questions:  Where is waste supposed to go if the primary organs are backlogged and can’t keep up with the influx?  Do we imagine that a puppy’s body is equipped with unlimited capacity to deal with indigestible junk?  How and where on earth would canines, who evolved in spare, lean food economies, have adapted the ability to process as much indigestible crap as puppies are typically fed in domestic circumstances?   Does it not make sense that their bodies would indeed quickly reach a limit and need to utilize extraordinary means to get rid of it?  Is it difficult to figure out that the symptoms of “parvo” are ALL about FOOD?  Every single one of the symptoms has a connection to food.

Please, someone, tell me how none of this makes sense, so I can just go back to pouring kibble into my dog’s bowl.  I’m waiting.

The Reality Of “Parvo”

In the meantime, let’s look at the most common symptoms of “parvo”, as compiled by

  • Severe diarrhea, often bloody
  • Anorexia
  • Fever
  • Vomiting
  • Severe weight loss
  • Lethargy

These symptoms look pretty scary if you think they’re like an invisible monster at the dog park waiting for the opportunity to pounce on your dog!  That’s exactly how we’ve been encouraged to think of disease by the people who make lots of money from it.  In truth, however, disease NEVER attacks from the outside, it builds from the inside and represents the body’s constructive efforts to save itself from accumulating sewage.  Here is a brief explanation of each symptom and what its real purpose is:

Severe, bloody diarrhea

Foods that are indigestible and unusable by the body cause irritation in the intestinal tract.  Wastes from these foods accumulate in the cells and tissues, and the body brings heat and fluids to the areas where wastes are concentrated to dilute them and accelerate their elimination.  This happens wherever in the body there is healing to be done because healing cannot be accomplished in a polluted environment.  This is inflammation.  It represents the body’s effort to purify the bloodstream so blood can perform the way it’s supposed to and tissues can knit back together. 

Sometimes, when causes continue, the digestive tract becomes so inflamed that it ulcerates and bleeds. The body sends water into the intestine to effect a premature bowel movement because it cannot digest food.  It does this because unusable food will putrefy and pollute the bloodstream if it is not eliminated. The body is protecting itself, preserving function and attempting to cleanse.


In this context, the word simply means a LACK OF APPETITE.  For most people it brings to mind the dangerous human disorder Anorexia Nervosa. So, dog owners tend to think that anorexia means a severely underweight condition that sometimes ends in death.  But anorexia is not harmful in animals and is a perfectly natural response to sickness.  The body does not need food when it is working to eliminate accumulated wastes that threaten its ability to function.  Food is WORK for the body before it is fuel.  When the body has other work to do, it does not want more work.  Not all dogs are in touch with their inner wisdom and lose their appetites, but most do.  They KNOW their bodies cannot use and do not need food when they are sick.  Lack of appetite is a dog listening to his inner wisdom.


Just as with inflammation, the body uses heat to accelerate the process of healing and waste elimination. Fever requires a great deal of energy to produce, so it is not seen in all animals. It is particularly seen in the young. That’s why fever in children is common, not so common in adults. 

Fortunately, even the medical profession is beginning to understand that fever should not be treated. That’s not to say they haven’t made up a bunch of nonsense that aligns with their other lame theories to explain why not. And it’s only because they can’t escape the reality they’ve seen over and over — that treating fever clearly makes illness worse. But, we’ll take whatever deference to the body wisdom that they can muster.

In any event, fever is never an enemy that invades.  It is an incredible, miraculous, life-saving mechanism that the body uses to save itself.  The enemy is the toxic load in the body that necessitates fever.


As previously mentioned, most dogs lose their appetites. But if they don’t, the body must sometimes take matters into its own hands. It will sacrifice the energy and fluids required to eject food from the stomach.  It does this to cut its losses.  The body does not need more food when it is utilizing its emergency elimination symptoms. As with diarrhea, if it allows undigested food to stay, it will putrefy and create harmful by products. Continuing to feed a dog that shows any of the above symptoms is foolish. It’s also potentially deadly, particularly if the food is the same kind that caused the original problem.  The continuation of original causes, along with the administration of medicines, is what causes ALL “parvo” deaths.  ALL.

It should be obvious by now what’s going on.  If the body can’t use food, doesn’t need food, already has so much “food” that it’s overburdened trying to deal with it all, and it sends signals to the dog that there is NO NEED FOR FOOD.  So, the dog will not eat.  “Severe weight loss” will result. Weight loss is a serious sign of problems, and there’s obviously a limit to how much weight a dog can safely lose. However, vets and others do not realize the fasting capacity of dogs and how much reserve fuel even a skinny dog has.  So, their unfounded fears often motivate them to take extraordinary and counter-productive measures to get a dog eating again. This often includes tempting him/her with more of the death-dealing foods that caused the original problem. They also sometimes administer medications that artificially “increase appetite”.

Severe weight loss

Lethargy: All of these symptoms require energy to produce.  The body of a puppy has a LOT of energy but it is not unlimited!  When accumulated wastes rise to a level that overburden the body and threaten vital function, the body must divert its energy to full time cleansing and elimination.  Its available reserve energy is sent inward.  It has no extra energy for outward activity!

What Are The REAL Causes Of “Parvo”?

Puppies eat as close to perfect a food as they will ever get in their lifetimes UNTIL they are weaned. That’s typically when the trouble starts because suddenly they must accommodate large amounts of indigestible garbage in the form of ‘puppy food’.  The waste capacity of puppies is easily overwhelmed when so much of what they are fed is sharply at variance with what they are biologically adapted to eat. That’s why a puppy’s body must sometimes use symptoms to deal with the excess. These symptoms are ALL part of the body’s effort to save itself.

It hardly ever happens that a caretaker realizes what’s happening and cooperates with nature, because typically the kinds of people who feed disease-causing foods don’t usually figure out what they’re doing wrong quickly enough to save the life of the dog or puppy.  But when it does happen – i.e., when causes are removed, puppies will get WELL.  Puppies are so vital and resilient that they sometimes even get well when they are medicated.  It should be remembered, however, that when a medicated dog gets well, it’s always in spite of the medicines, not because of them.  The body heals ITSELF.

The body is smarter than you think

The body is DOING SOMETHING IMPORTANT with these symptoms. When you realize that, you can easily see how counter-productive and risky it is to suppress them.  Stopping the body from ridding itself of waste and adding MORE in the form of remedies is a mistake! This will cause waste to accumulate to dangerous levels. This kills many puppies and it is not the symptoms that cause the death, it’s the attempt to stop them.

These symptoms are exactly like sniffles in children.  Parvo, and all puppy diseases are, in fact, the canine equivalent of childhood diseases.  As many parents are discovering, and as people used to do in the “old days” when common sense was still the rule, it’s best to cooperate with constructive symptoms. If you do this, they will never escalate into anything serious. Try to suppress them and you will only force the body to increase its symptomatic efforts. This uses even more of its limited energy.  Of course, once you understand the real causes of “Parvo”, it becomes a very simple matter to prevent it.

Is There A Natural Cure For “Parvo”?

Suppression of symptoms is foolhardy no matter what methods are used. But there’s a reason so many holistic-minded people claim to have “cured” parvo. It’s because their remedies cause less additional harm than the pharmaceutical ones. Fewer puppies may die when they are treated with these natural remedies. But NONE die when they are treated properly, except in cases where death is already imminent.  There are no “cures” needed when causes can be removed and the body can heal itself. And it does that in all cases where healing has occurred. There is no substance on earth that can heal the body! Only the body can heal itself.

Disease Builds From The Inside, Just Like Health

If you cause a disease with your unhealthy habits, you cannot prevent the effects by by-passing your body’s protective barrier (your skin) and injecting chemicals into your bloodstream.  The diseases that are thought to be “infectious” are ALL constructive.  They are the outward signs that the body possesses enough vitality to try and save itself from the damage that accumulated wastes would otherwise do.  That’s why it’s very rare for old dogs and cats to get “parvo”, never mind die from it. And that’s the case even though as animals get older, owners typically vaccinate them less.  Instead, old dogs and cats die from chronic or degenerative disease, which is caused by actual damage done to organs. Most of this is a consequence of the foods they are fed and medications that are administered to them, including vaccines.

Do Vaccines Ever “Work”?

Vaccines so de-vitalize the body that it sometimes doesn’t have the energy needed to employ eliminative symptoms. When the body perceives an emergency, it sacrifices stored energy. It does this in order to eliminate accumulating wastes that would otherwise jeopardize vital function. That’s why sometimes vaccines don’t “work” and some dogs and people still get the symptoms they are supposed to prevent. It means their bodies had enough vitality to eliminate or otherwise deal with the vaccine AND employ its safety valve. For example, young adults getting flu shots more often get flu symptoms after a shot than elderly flu shot victims do. The flu vaccine, therefore, is seen to be very “effective” in elderly people.

It should be easy to see, then, that when vaccines “work”, it only means wastes that would have been eliminated (by symptoms) are retained in the body. That’s how simple eliminative symptoms are turned into chronic, lifelong disease. It should become clear why pharma and its buddies in the media are so keen to sell vaccines. They score twice! Once when they sell the vaccine and then again when they sell the drugs used to manage chronic disease symptoms. And why wouldn’t they do that? They’ve got stockholders to answer to.

Why use “adjuvants”?

You may have been hearing a lot about “adjuvants” lately.  The word may be new and mysterious to most people. As usual in the medical field, it is a very simple concept hiding behind a fancy word. Adjuvant basically means “supporting player”.  It’s something that is seen to “enhance the effectiveness” or “facilitate” a medical treatment (for example).  You see, just injecting “viruses” in a harmless liquid medium into the bloodstream would not sufficiently drain the body’s resources. It has to sufficiently redirect energy that would otherwise be spent on eliminative symptoms, such as those it employs with constructive illness.  The medium must also therefore contain substances very threatening and potentially harmful to the body. This gives the body a bigger emergency than dealing with backlogged waste.

The presence of these harmful adjuvants is a de facto admission by vaccination advocates that the virus theory is nonsense. If giving the body the presumed agent of disease was what produced so called “immunity”, adjuvants would not be needed. Some examples of common adjuvants are mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and monosodium glutamate .

A poison by any other name

These harmful additives are what make vaccination so dangerous and risky. Their names are easily recognized as things that should NOT be put into the body, particularly directly into the bloodstream. This required that an unfamiliar catch-all term be used and thus “adjuvant” was adopted. It is the adjuvants that are causing so much damage to vaccinated individuals, human and otherwise. That’s why anti-vaccination activists rail against them and claim they’d have no problem with vaccines that did not contain them.

However, this just reveals their lack of understanding about how the body really works as well. That’s because even without adjuvants, vaccines would not be safe. Some very toxic individuals cannot even spare the minimal energy it would take for their bodies to eliminate viruses (spent cellular debris) in a harmless (but superfluous) medium. There is no such thing as a safe vaccine, nor could there ever be. Anyone who campaigns for safe vaccines is a fraud. Whether directly or unknowingly, they are working to help vaccine manufacturers clean up their public image.

“Immunity” does not grow with use like a muscle!

The fundamental mistake that the medicine makes is to pretend that by hyper-stimulating the “immune system” (in quotes because there’s really no such thing), they are building it up. But that’s just the OPPOSITE of how it really works. Ironically, that’s why vaccines are perceived to work, when they do at all. That’s hard to determine anyway because vaccine manufacturers have no incentive to perform effectiveness research.  The self-cleansing system that we are all born with is like a bank account that you can only maintain by giving it LESS to do.  That’s why babies are so sensitive — they have their full defensive account that they were born with.  The cleansing system is patently NOT like a muscle that gets stronger with use! It’s the OPPOSITE.

It’s fine, imo, to use adjuvants as your reason for shunning vaccines to get your doctor, pediatrician or vet to shut up about them. But we need to be careful about jumping on board with activists who just want safer or no adjuvants. That’s not good enough and it gives the 100% fraudulent vaccine industry the opportunity to save itself.

It should be clear that nobody in the vaccine industry, or any industry allied with it, is looking out for us. “Flu” symptoms and other constructive illnesses are the body’s efforts to save itself. Nobody dies of “flu” (human or canine) who cooperates with the body and removes its CAUSES. And it’s the same with every other so-called infectious disease.


We should all be taught these simple truths from birth. If we were, and somebody came along and said that they had a chemical elixir that would magically cause accumulating internal pollution to disappear, we’d load them up in a loony wagon and haul them off. Instead, the ideas of “innoculation” and “immunity” are pounded into us from day one. So, we accept this nonsense like it’s gospel truth. Fortunately, for those of us whose knowledge of the facts allows us to retain our power, truth is not determined by consensus. 🙂

Stop fearing that which is totally within your control to prevent.  Feed your dog properly and take back your power.

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17 thoughts on “The Truth About “Parvo””

  1. Fantastic article! My compliments. I am 100% against ANY vaccine and that, of course, applies to my beloved pets, cows and horse I have in my property.
    There are many articles showing clearly to people that viruses do not exist but this is the first article (thanks to Kate Sugak Telegram account!) I found under the vet tab.
    I’ll tell the conundrum I am involved regarding to this fallacy called vaccine.
    I have a lovely 14 y.o. malinois. I have to travel sometimes and I have to leave her in a Pet Hotel. All them demand a Vaccine certificate and, obviously, she does not have.
    Then I try to argue with the owners of those pet hotels the following: all dogs there are vaccinated and, supposedly, protected against the invisible viruses. So, how can she “transmit” something to them? And also, she has no symptoms therefore, she’s not sick. BUT, and here there is another dirty trick the Big Pharma has promoted and spread all over the fearful earthlings!
    One does not GET or is contaminated by something flying in the atmosphere or living in the skin of someone! One creates the conditions to become sick!
    Anyway, the pet hotel owners tell me that the measure is for her protection…
    After arguing for some time, they have to agree that the real cause not allowing her to be accepted is the “inspector” might come and discover there is a dog without vaccine certificate…and a fine is to be applied and the sacred money is again ruling our lives…
    The bottom line is that her health or the health of all dogs at the hotel are not the main issue but the fine and the danger of losing business is the real bump in the road. If we don’t fight this nonsense, we’ll be in quarentene camps soon! Do not believe me. Research the subject vaccine and virus! There is a trove of great articles about it!

  2. Anne-Marie Keightley

    My only concern with getting my new puppy in 2 weeks is that I know she is being fed crap food. She is a Moodle and will be about 12 weeks old. She was given her first jab by the breeder, but will get no more. I intend to fast her for 1 day to clear her system and then start on this way of eating. I’m hoping that I have interpreted the book correctly.

    1. I’m struggling here to know how to emphasize strongly enough that it DOES NOT MATTER because there are no boogie men attackers for your puppy’s “immune system” to fight off. You need not worry about anything except feeding her properly because if you do that, DISEASE is not POSSIBLE. I know that sounds crazy but disease is only the normal and natural consequence of a misfed body. So take your puppy everywhere, get her acquainted with the big world, continue learning about the true causes of disease and leave your fears behind you. To that end you might consider joining our subscription group because I debunk the existence of disease-“causing” micro-beasties (aka “pathogens”) in some form nearly every week in my video Q&A.

    2. I never take vaccines and I never vaccinate my dogs, cats, cattle, horse and sheep! I don’t get any of those invisible flying bigs nor my animals.

  3. This article has been the first article I’ve read that makes sense.
    So when you read about several puppies in a litter getting Parvo at the same time, The best explanation is that they’ve been eating the same diet and dealing with the same stress? Bleaching your entire house and your yard is a lie? No puppies for seven years is a lie? It seems like nobody can give you the true answer. I would love to hear your answers on these questions.

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Why wouldn’t puppies with the same genetics who are fed the same food and mistreated in the same way also react the same way? That’s like if you have 4 teenagers all drinking alcohol for the first time expecting them not to get drunk and have hangovers the next day. Parvo is a complex of constructive symptoms, period. Yes, big lies have been built around the parvo theme. The people perpetuating the lies don’t know they’re lying because nobody’s ever taught them the truth! When you told others in the past about what you knew about parvo, including the nonsense about the ‘virus’ lasting 7 years, did you know you weren’t correct? It’s the same with vets. They have no idea. People who think critically and ask the right questions in vet training see the BS and they drop out! They go off to become engineers or find other work that is based on provable science where questions can be answered. That leaves the entire field of animal medicine to non-thinking automatons whose main goal is to build a successful business. Bleach is an incredibly harmful substance. I do not allow it in my house! Never mind using it where my animals and I will be exposed to it. You’ve found the truth, and it literally will set you free because if you’ve a mind to get a puppy or foster puppies or whatever you want to do, you CAN. There is NO danger. All you need to do is feed puppies properly and their bodies will not become cesspools of waste that require emergency elimination symptoms like those associated with “parvo”. Don’t doubt yourself. This information makes sense to you because you’re asking the right questions and you’ve not gotten answers before. You don’t have to do anything except walk away from the lies and feed your animals properly. You will see, as I have, that your animals just won’t get sick, EVER.

  4. Great article, very informative, thank you:-) I’d Also love to hear your opinion on rabies symptoms and causes..

    1. Brad Campbell

      From my cursory point of view and from some research on rabies it appears that the risk from rabies is about the same as the risk of getting bitten by a shark. So, it is the same scam as parvo only ignorant vets make more $ from the rabies vaccine that is always harmful, and never efficacious. There are no studies done for the same reasons as no studies done on Parvo vaccine because the ones with enough $ to conduct a proper study are the vaccine companies, and they don’t want to reveal the truth. Pet owners have been completely indoctrinated into believing in the rabies vaccine otherwise they are not doing everything they can to to care for their pet, but that is just a lie that costs enormously in taxpayer dollars and out of pocket fees from pet owners. Of course the veterinarians make more $, but they are simply ignorant, and ignorant concerning cause and effect from rabies shot that inevitably causes chronic disease requiring more ‘treatments’ and a shortened life. There is no rabies virus proven to be pathogenic just like all the other ‘viruses’, and the truth is that if you have a healthy pet that is bitten by another sick animal chances are that if your pet is left untreated 99% of the time there will be no problem, and this is the same for healthy humans. In the rare case when a bite appears to cause symptoms it could be from the contaminated saliva from a sick animal, and somewhere in that saliva is what they are claiming is a specific ‘rabies virus’ that is the culprit, but that is not scientifically proven. The single particle pathogen theory of disease or germ theory of disease is a lie. Pasteurized milk is an extra step of processing based on a lie that just takes a living food in the raw form and DE-NATURES it to make a food product that actually has not real nutritional benefit, but it makes germophobes feel safe!!!

  5. Thank you, you’ve said what I’ve been thinking!
    The other thing about bloody diarrhoea is it can be caused by stress, when my nearly 9 year old gets stressed she gets bloody d’rear. Puppy’s can be subject to considerable stress with leaving Mum, being handled by strangers and being fed unfamiliar food.

    1. I’m getting a puppy in 2 weeks. I had to do so much research to feel confident in all areas of caring for her. I’m so happy i found you website you have cleared my last doubt.
      Thanks to you there will he another healthy puppy and healthy dog in the future, i just think i fee so sorry for those dogs whose owners dont do any research leaving their lives in hand of people who dont care. I took back the dry food back to the store will compose raw food diet for this dog lots of exercise and love. Thanks alot for sharing your knowledge x

  6. This is a great article! Thank you for posting a well written article. I had a dog that was severely injured due to vaccines. I’m blown away by how money driven Vets are. I live in the pacific nw where heart worm & rabies are virtually non-existent, yet my vet tried to guilt me into treating my puppy with medication & vaccines to which there is no threat. Thank you for sharing this!

  7. This article makes no sense when you are promoting holistic methods and promoting “No More Vet Bills” yet saying in the article to vaccinate. Its contradictory.

    1. Where do you think my article says to vaccinate? It says no such thing. You didn’t read it carefully enough. I would never say such a thing, even mistakenly.

  8. Cat and dog parent

    So I had a puppy die of parvo a month after she had the shot for parvo. She had her shot Oct 18 and after 3 days and nights at the emergency vet hospital we took her home with instruction to inject fluids into her along with some other meds. She didnt make it thru the night, she died in the early morning of Nov 18th. Just devastating. My question now is, we had a stray mom cat show up with her 2 babies that were about 12 to 14 weeks old. So I started feeding them and it turns out the mom cat was pregnant and on my birthday had delivered just one kitten. They stay in a big dog house i had and enjoy staying in the in-law apt we have. I also have 3other cats 2 adopted from shelter and 1 feral who is now very much like the other 2 plus 2 dogs. We want to take the new strays to be spayed and neutered but I am not sure whst they will say when I tell them I dont want any shots given? How do I handle this and is the best thing for then to not be vaccinated? I also like to mention I had a lab that had had a tumor from being vaccinated hermiengiosartoma (the spelling is wrong) she had surgery at 11 yrs old and as a result of all the natural food and supplenents i feed her the vet was able to remove this very aggressive tyoe of tumor. The vet said he had never seen a tumor of this kind just sitting on top of the tissues when normally it just gets deeply into the muscles! Usually the dog with live 6 months to a year but I was able to keep her tumor free for 5 year when the tumor came back and because of her age we could not have surgery and it just grew so big she was just not able to function and so we had to put her down at 16yrs old! She was a big girl at 85pounds, all muscle. Anyway, back to my question sorry for talking so much. Thank you for yoyr advice.

    1. Cat and dog parent

      Sorry for all my typos above message my auto correct at work! I should of proofed it better before i hit send! Thank you.

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