Updated and Expanded Rotational MonoFeeding E-Book Released

I’m pleased to announce that the updated and expanded version of the Rotational MonoFeeding e-book is finally available for sale after many long months of hard work! If you loved the information in the previous incarnation, you will find much more in this new version to inform your pet feeding decisions and give you confidence that you’re doing your absolutely best by your animals.

What’s New in the Updated and Expanded E-Book?

The questions I’ve received from readers helped determine what information was most important to dog owners. Most of all, people who were interested in starting RMF needed more of a firm foundation on which to choose a rotation, and I think the new book delivers that. I added many new sections that serve to answer these common questions:

  • Can I feed my dog smoothies?
  • What if my dog is allergic to chicken?
  • What are the real risk factors for Bloat or GDV?
  • What causes burping and gas and what should we do about them?
  • Should I have my dog spayed or neutered?
  • Is it ok to feed my dog a vegan diet?
  • Can “detox” be dangerous? Can it be slowed down?
  • What causes parasites and what should I do to prevent them?

And much, much more, including new graphics and photos. I even added a section I call “Kibble Redux” for people you may know who absolutely would not consider home feeding or even abandoning kibble but might be open to some moderate compromises that may greatly enhance the health of their dogs.

Confidence and Independence are My Goals for You

The most important added feature of this new e-book by far is the tool that is provided that will help you identify the right rotation for your dog. It will also allow you to confidently change things up when that becomes necessary. This new section helps you examine every aspect of your dog and your circumstances in order to tailor a rotation so it fits you perfectly.

I hope you get all the empowerment out of this information that I and so many others have enjoyed. Click here to order your copy today!

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5 thoughts on “Updated and Expanded Rotational MonoFeeding E-Book Released”

  1. Anne-Marie Keightley

    I just bought the book 2 weeks ago. I don’t recall seeing those topics but I am a member now. Where do I find the promotion please for the updated version?

  2. Anne Conroy

    Fantastic 💚 I will definitely be buying an updated version of my “dog bible” , just waiting for pay day, thank you for all your hard work and sharing this wonderful information with us all Nora and your wonderful moderators for helping run the best dog/cat group there is 🙏💖

  3. Donna Scott

    I just purchased your ebook in April. I wish I would have known then that I would have to be purchasing it again this soon. I am still unsure about this form of feeding, and all to look for. I’m not sure purchasing another book will help me at this point answer my questions. Maybe the group that offers direct help and answers to my specific questions might be a better use of my resources?

    1. Hi Donna,
      Thanks for your comment. Whatever it is you’re struggling with, I can almost guarantee that joining the subscription group would allow you to resolve whatever questions or issues you have. I moderate the Facebook group personally, and if you’re not on Facebook I take questions by email and answer them thoroughly in my weekly YouTube Live Q&A. You can participate in those in real time and seek clarification if something is still unclear. We are running a promotion right now that goes until August 1, 2023. All new annual subscribers to the group will receive a free copy of the updated book. My goal is healthy dogs and fully empowered owners who feel confident about what they’re doing. I hope to see you there and thanks again for posting your comment.

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