One of the perks of the RMF subscription service is having access to RMF founder Nora Lenz and her in-depth analysis on a wide range of topics.

Please enjoy this sampling of videos that were released for public viewing. Topics range from ear inflammation to “allergies” to why “Certified Health Nutritionists” are the last people you would want feeding your pet.

Much more is available exclusively to subscribers, including Nora’s Q&A videos where she answers your questions each week.

Weekly RMF Q&A for July 1, 2023

Public Live Q&A with Nora 07/01/23

  • Announcement that the book will be available to purchase at midnight tonight.
  • My encounter with “TNR.”
  • Continuation of my series on “Keto” coming next week.
  • Is a vasectomy a viable alternative to full castration?
  • Information on intact dogs living in the same household.
  • How do I know if my dog’s symptoms are detox or current misfeeding?
  • Should I give my dog 3.5% on meat days or 4%?
  • If my dog is eating only meat, will the poops be smaller?
  • Can I feed frozen beef neck bones to my dog?
Public Live Q&A 03 08

Public Live Q&A with Nora 03/08/23

  • More on the heartworm scare campaign
  • Can I make smoothies for my dog?
  • My dog lost 25% of his body weight after RMF. How can I help him regain it?
  • Essential oils — yea or nay?
  • How are remedies harmful?
  • Dog rescued in turkey earthquake after 23 days of no food, water or sunlight
  • How do I get my cat eating bones?
  • Is hypoglycemia a possibility in fasting for small puppies?
  • Is there anything to watch for in fasting a cat?

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RMF Discussion Group 9/16/22

Our first RMF Round Table Discussion Group video. If you’re not on Facebook and would like to participate in future discussions, please contact us through the contact form.

Seizures RESOLVED With Homemade Dog Food (RMF)

Seizures resolved with RMF

Nora’s interview with Paige Dent, owner of a Springer named “Coco” who has had significant healing of seizures since starting RMF 10 months ago.

What's Wrong With the "Holistic" Approach to Ear Infections?

What’s Wrong With the “Holistic” Approach to Ear ‘Infections’?

Treating ear inflammation with any kind of remedies, even “natural” ones, is a dead end. This video explains what’s wrong with that approach. Also why it is more of a business ($$) strategy than a strategy intended to help dog owners properly deal with this problem! The only PERMANENT solution to ear inflammation is to figure out WHY the body is using the EARS as a way to eliminate waste rather than the primary channels like the bladder and colon. And once you have that information, all you need to do is stop the waste that’s going IN so that it does not accumulate excessively and require the body to get rid of it via the ear canal. That means, fixing the diet. OPTIMIZING the diet. Rotational MonoFeeding does that!

What does Natural Hygiene (and RMF) say about Fecal Transplants?

Video on Fecal Transplants

What does Natural Hygiene (and RMF) say about Fecal Transplants?

Everyone seems to be celebrating the new way to avoid addressing the real underlying causes of health problems in dogs and instead attempt to manage the body’s internal bacterial population. Is this the best way to approach disease?

The Con Game of Allergies

The Con Game of “Allergies”

Dog owners do not have to just live with their dogs’ allergy symptoms! Until now there have been precious few options besides what the sickness-for-profit system has offered, which empowers THEM and at the same time DISempowers dog owners.

Veterinary Nutritionist DEBUNKED

Vet Nutritionist DEBUNKED

In this video, Nora Lenz and Lauren Whiteman critique the pet food industry’s message that vets deliver to pet owners and specifically veterinary “nutritionists”. It also help owners to understand why it should NOT be heeded.