The Truth About Ear Infections in Dogs

The Truth About Ear Infections in Dogs

If you’ve ever wanted to know if there’s a way to permanently resolve recurring ear issues in dogs, this video is for you. This method for resolving inflammation clearly works every time it is properly used.

Reverse Disease in Your Pet with Rotational MonoFeeding

Reverse Disease in Your Pet with Rotational MonoFeeding

Kelley Weld, moderator of the popular Facebook group Rotational MonoFeeding (RMF) interviews expert pet nutritionist and RMF founder Nora Lenz, author of Dog Nutrition 101.

Hematoma Reversed with Fasting – Video Interview

Nora interviews dog owner Cheta Portlock about how his dog “Sammy” recovered from a serious hematoma and ear “infection” after an 8 day water fast.


IBD/IBS reversed with RMF!

Nora interviews dog owner Jacqueline whose dog “Alvin” fully recovered from IBS on RMF!  Enjoy this amazing testimonial.

Nora Lenz founder of

Nora Lenz founder of RMF

Nora Lenz and Kelley Weld discuss rotational mono-feeding, a way of feeding dogs that keeps them OUT of the vet’s office and has even been known to reverse severe conditions like ‘allergies’, cancer and dementia.

The thumbnail photo is of a 2-year-old German Shepherd whose owner had tried everything to solve her “allergy” issues, including a fully raw meat diet, elimination diet, probiotics, leaky gut protocol, goats milk, no carbs, coconut oil, TCM supplements, Pet Well Being supplements, spirulina and fish oil. Also a Glacier Peaks scan which indicated every protein was a trigger. The ‘after’ photo is 4 months after starting on the Rotational MonoFeeding diet.