Hi All,

Mark your calendars! I’m happy to announce that RMF’s very first open educational webinar will happen on February 24, 2024 at 2pm (PDT). Whether you’ve been doing RMF for awhile and still have questions or need suggestions or are brand new OR even just RMF-curious, this webinar is for you. I will be fielding your questions and Kelley Jo Weld will be moderating. Bring your queries about all things dog food related because everything is on the table. It will be a Zoom meeting so participants will ask questions by typing them in the comments box and can choose whether to appear on video or not. Only $9.95 for what I’m sure will be an illuminating, empowering hour. This webinar, like all future webinars, is FREE to active subscribers to the RMF Community. Please use the contact form or Q&A submission to sign up if you’re a subscriber. For non subscribers, here is the link to sign up. I hope to see you then!

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