Before RMF

Zeva developed a cyst on her leg at 3 months of age. “Allergy” symptoms appeared at 6 months. I took her off kibble and fed raw proteins instead. Her symptoms subsided for a few months then reappeared, so I began eliminating proteins to try to determine the cause of her symptoms (to no avail).

I rotated supplements such as probiotics, apple cider vinegar & coconut oil (both oral and external), raw goat’s milk, phytoplankton, spirulina, leaky gut protocol, Pet Well Being supplements, TCM supplements and fish oil. I bathed her in special shampoos and sprays, sponged her with povidone iodine, applied manuka oil and essential oils, skin salves and antiseptic sprays, DERMagic lotions, creams and soaps, had the Glacier Peaks Pet Wellness Life Stress Scan done and lived by their food trigger chart for months.

Her skin was raw and bleeding from scratching and biting, fur had fallen out all over her body, some skin had turned black and was thick like elephant skin. She reeked of yeast, and she became withdrawn and insecure. I was out of options, out of proteins, every supplement I knew to try and nothing worked.

Zeva after starting RMF

I found a link to Nora’s website in one of the many FB dog allergy groups I perused daily. I instantly knew this was the answer I had been searching a year to find. Immediately I ordered and read the book (and at least 3 more times after that). My dogs ate their first RMF meal on September 29, 2019. The detox road was a long one and Zeva has gone through 3 visible detox periods. Each one being shorter in duration and less intense than the previous one.

The after photo is 4 months after starting RMF. As of today, her skin has healed fully, the elephant texture disappeared, no more odor or yeast, she has a full coat of shiny fur, she doesn’t bite or scratch herself, and she’s a happy, self-confident and secure 3 year old. Therefore, she will stay on RMF for the rest of her life!

Caryn Franklino

zeva before
zeva after

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